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Greg Smith (G.E. Smith)(non-registered)
Hi Birdie,

I'm a big fan of your work. You have inspired me to get better through viewing your images. Your work is fantastic.
Bobby Tan(non-registered)
Very inspiring work! 'nuff said! :)
Sunny Alan(non-registered)
Wow !
Wonderful collection of winged fellas....
I watched now after many years ago at my childhood endeavors to nearby bushes...

Thank you for bringing them like alive at your site.....
Ceasar Sharper(non-registered)
Fantastic images birdie. I found your site from an article on the use of a 1.4 TCIII with a 500mm. I too have a TCII and am considering the switch you recommended. I'm glad I check out your images because I now have motivations to increase my flower photography.

Well done. BTW, was the flower the butterflies and humming birds were feeding off actually a Zinnia?

Best wishes and good light.
Mike Meeks(non-registered)
I just had to add your site to my "Favorites" because I can't view all of them tonight! You really take great photos!
Patsy Kline Hall(non-registered)
Birdie : Beautiful site with tons of great images............I thoroughly enjoyed looking through!
John Phillips(non-registered)
To the cajun queen. One of the best sights I've seen. You have an artistic touch to your photographs not many possess.
Karl Witt(non-registered)
Hello 'Birdie'..........

Your images are visual treat to all. You have the ability to capture the mood of light and the color of nature which is a wonderful gift to posses. Feathers and florals you show a keen eye for composition and creativity and show that you will also step outside the box and experiment given the opportunity.

I follow your work on Fred Miranda.com and have watched you grow immensely with the quality of your imagery, congratulations Birdie you are now an inspiration to many many others!

All the best to you and what you see and how you see it............
Amy Wagner(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your photos
Tom van den Brandt(non-registered)
Hello Roberta,

I have watched all of your bird photo's and some of the others. You have got some great shots. I enjoyed watching them. Keep up the good work!!

All the best form the Netherlands,

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